Health Benefits of Prunes


There are many reasons why staying hydrated is important for our body. The two main reasons are why we should keep our body hydrated is that first it helps protect our organs from being damaged and the second one is being hydrated keeps our skin glowing and healthy looking.

We always hear people say that we should drink an ample amount of water to keep our body hydrated always in short, drink water for an average of eight glasses per day. But did you know that we can switch drinking water into drinking prune juice instead? Made from plums or dried prunes, Prune juice is said to contain several nutrients which aids in maintaining good health. A great source for energy, prunes contains less sugar so it does not raise the sugar level in the blood.

Prunes are also rich in fructose, fiber, and sorbitol (sugar alcohol but slow in absorption rate). Prune juice contains a lot of fiber but it does not have the same amount of fiber content compared to a whole fruit however it does have still high amounts of minerals and vitamins the same as what a whole fruit gives. Some of the benefits of the prune fruit and juice are listed below:

dried Prunes

It eases digestion

The prunes are known to have higher fiber contents. This fiber is a great help in order to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids caused by passing of hard stools or constipation which is a frequent problem especially in adults or old people. Chronic constipation occurs for so many reasons. It can be due to medication side effects, pelvic dysfunction, etc. When constipation occurs to infants they experience pain also. With the help of prune juice, it helps easier bowel movement like what a laxative does because of the presence of sorbitol on it. You can consult your doctor and ask about it.

It controls urges

 Prune is a kind of plum. It differs to other plums since other plums are rich in sugar content and dries out without being fermented. Prunes on the other hand are rich in fiber content. It helps regulate the bladder and the bowel movement. If for instance an overactive bladder occurs, the person can feel very uncomfortable but when fiber is added to the diet, it helps prevent it. Most of the time, constipation due to less fiber intake can cause damage to the bladder function. It increases the urination frequency as well. Cleveland clinic advises the consumption of these mixtures every day during morning or breakfast time in order to help maintain good bowel movements: Prune Juice in 3/4 cup, Applesauce in 1 cup, Wheat bran (unprocessed) in 1 cup.

It helps maintain healthy body function

Potassium can also be found in Prunes. Potassium is an electrolyte which provides several vital functions in our body. This electrolyte aids in the digestion process, muscle contractions, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and also in nerve impulse transmissions. By consuming enough prune juice or prune fruits, potassium deficiency can be avoided.

It is a great iron source

A condition called Anemia develops if the blood lacks hemoglobin or RBCs. There are several signs of this condition. Irritability, fatigue, and shortness or difficulty of breathing is just one of the many symptoms of having mild anemia. A very common symptom of anemia is fatigue. Fatigue occurs because the organs in the body system lacks oxygen needed to function well. Thus, iron is needed for supplement. By drinking prune juice which is an excellent source of the iron needed, iron deficiency can be prevented and treated as well.

It helps build strong muscles and bones

A dried prune is a good source of mineral called boron based on older studies. The boron that can be found on prunes aids in the formation of strong muscles and bones in the body. It also helps to improve good muscle coordination and mental acuity. Prunes can be very beneficial when it comes to prevention of loss in bone density which is a side effect of treatments such as radiation. In an animal study conducted last 2016 it was found out that dried powder of plums and the dried plums itself help reduce effects of radiation treatment to the bone marrow. Thus it prevented loss of bone density and contributed to improved bone health. The prunes also can be used as treatment against osteoporosis. Furthermore ask for your doctor’s advice first before taking in prune products.

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