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“There are only a few oils I will entrust my hair with and Tea Tree Oil is one of them. Really, this wonderful little oil is so much better than regular oil for hair oil treatment. I instantly noticed the difference from the first time I used it on my hair. My hair feels stronger now and I can really see that there is a noticeable glow to my hair. One thing I really like about this oil is that it is both elegant and inexpensive at the same time. It can also get rid of lice and eliminate dandruff, which makes it the perfect partner for hair treatments.”- Janine


“I usually fall victim to ringworms and many other kinds of fungal irritations on the skin. I have been using fungal medications but can’t seem to totally take off the fungi on my skin. I started using Tea Tree Oil and am now very confident wearing sleeveless shirts again. I noticeable have no more ringworms and any other skin problems now. I used the oil with a cotton swab so I could concentrate the oil on the affected area and now my skin no longer has uneven skin tones. I really prefer using this than antifungal medications.”-Roxanne Hoeffer

“Body odor is a problem that I sometimes have to deal with. I find myself in embarrassing situations because my armpits sweat a lot and it really doesn’t take long for it to start smelling bad. I had to switch from one deodorant to another and just kind of settled with mediocre deodorants. I then heard about how Tea Tree Oil can help not only with the odor but also with the excessive sweating. I have never been as excited about deodorants as I have been with Tea Tree Oil. I even tried putting it in my feet and have never had problems with smelly socks again.”-Lucienne P.

“I am someone who probably ends up having scrapes and cuts all over the body for no apparent reason. Because of this, I keep a bottle of Tea Tree Oil near me since it has proven to me that it is a great wound cleanser.”-Analisa Barta

“I think I could say that I am someone who doesn’t really like to really on synthetic chemicals to support my lifestyle. I like to think that everything I use is made of natural things. I especially like Tea Tree Oil as it has tons of benefits and uses. One such use I have for it that some people don’t seem to know about yet is in brushing my teeth. Yes, I use Tea Tree Oil as a toothpaste and mouthwash. This may seem surprising but it can really help as it promotes oral health and gets rid of unwanted gum diseases. It also helps avoid bad breath.”-Lyda

“My feet are very fragile and once every other month I get something like a Toenail fungus, which is very frustrating because not only is it very itchy, it also smells very bad. because of this I use Tea Tree Oil to get rid of such ugly things and I have got to say that it really works wonders!”-Maire C.

“I’m not one to deny that I use a lot of make up. I really used to have a problem ending the day because some of the make ups I use are very thick and that they do not come off easily. I find the struggle frustrating because I cannot seem to use water since most of my make up is water-proof. I also dislike using toners as oftentimes they can be a little bit strong for my taste and can really sting at times. Instead, I turn to Tea Tree Oil that really helps give me a clean removal of my make up.”-Callie

“I don’t know if its athlete’s foot or what but I really usually have very bad foot odor. It has gotten to a point wherein I no longer take off my shoes when other people are around. Luckily, my friend taught me of a way to save myself from all these embarrassing odors. soaked my feet on a basin filled with water and Tea Tree Oil. To my surprise, I found that my foot odor disappeared and that now I can confidently take off my shoes whenever I want to.”-Merilyn Izzard


“I use Tea Tree Oil to remove nail polish from my nails. Not only does it do its job well,but I have never seen my cuticles look as good as they do now.”-Jung L.

“Being a hypochondriac, I really am very wary of germs and other disease causing pathogens. I wash my hands as often as I can but sometimes I don’t have access to a sink so I was forced to rely on hand sanitizers. I had trouble finding the right kind of hand sanitizer when I realized that I could just make my own using Tea Tree Oil. I never leave the house without bringing my hand sanitizer and I never have to fear germs on my hands again.” -Chanel

“I used to be very worried about body odor and have problems trusting any kind of deodorant. Thanks to Tea Tree Oil, I use it regularly and don’t have to worry about anything.”-Mirella D.

“I have a very sensitive nose. I sneeze for no apparent reason and have runny nose so easily and regularly. Thankfully, I also have Tea Tree Oil to help soothe and get rid of any nasal congestion. I just apply a couple of drops under my nose and just relax. The stuffiness usually leaves in just a few minutes and I am back to my normal functioning self. I really would like to tell everyone I know that using this would be better than sticking to medications as there can be many side effects with them. Tea Tree Oil on the other hand is very safe for use and not to mention very effective.”-Oralee

“Taking long baths is kind of how I deal with my stress. Adding Tea Tree Oil to my collection of bath necessities has done a lot for me and for my stress relief”-Ricki M.

“I have had lots of bouts with acne. I used to turn to medically prescribed drugs for acne but there came a time that it was just not cutting it anymore. I then decided I’d try out different things to see if they work well on my skin problem. I used Tea Tree Oil on my acne and within a week my face cleared. I almost could not believe it since I used to have an aggressive medication regimen for my face with very little palpable difference. Now I really believe that natural is better most of the times.” -Vinita Beiler

“Ringworms were some things that I used to have and constantly worry about but these days, just a few drops of my trusted Tea Tree Oil and they go away and my skin is clear again.”-Narcisa Basaldua

“Head Lice has always bothered me. I have been using different kinds of medications and so-called solutions for my problem and even using a dog’s shampoo one time. I then stumbled upon an internet article about how Tea Tee Oil can help rid the head off lice. I was a little skeptic first but I soon found that it was one of the best things that I could ever have hoped for. These days lice don’t really bother me anymore.”-Leona

“I use Tea Tree Oil as my mouthwash and my toothpaste. I really don’t have halitosis anymore, and I did not need to go see a doctor for it.”-Beverley M.

“I have a relatively tiring job. I move around a lot and end up having sore muscles. This is why I really constantly look for ways to get my muscles healed and ready for the next big hustle. I usually do a soak on my tired muscles with Tea Tree Oil. I really find those experiences particularly rejuvenating since not only does it take away my soreness, but it also relaxes my mind. I really recommend it to people who have muscle aches.-Ranee Brundage

“I used to buy expensive products for my hair. This time, I only go for the natural. I spend half as much on Tea Tree Oil and get twice the results.”-Velia

“Dandruff can really kill someone’s self-confidence. I used to be very insecure about my dandruff problem, but with the help of Tea Tree Oil, I don’t have such problem anymore.”-Candy Litt


“I clean my retainer with Tea Tree Oil. It doesn’t smell bad anymore and I even think it feels a little more comfortable on me (but I think that’s just me). Bottom-line though is that this is an oil that’s very good at cleaning stuff well.”-Mirta Z.

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